Free SEO tools to boost your SEO campaign

Every SEO professional knows that SEO is a time consuming task and there is so much to do. SEO software helps making painstaking and time consuming task much easier and faster. There are a plenty of SEO tools available that are especially designed to solve almost all the purposes of website optimisation. These tools help you at every stage during and SEO campaign right from keyword research to the finishing with analysis of results for SEO campaign.

Nowadays there are many SEO tools available on the internet. This article will help you overview the popular tools used for SEO and let you decide the best ones to pick that can escalate your website.

Google Adwords- Keyword tool

Keywords are the backbone of SEO campaign. Hence keywords research observing is the first step to the gateway to top position on Google. Of course you can also do research and think about relevant keywords and make a list on your own. But that is like trying without knowing whether your efforts are worth as your ideas may completely differ from the search terms people are using to find information on Google.

Here, Google Adwords- keyword tool comes in picture. The fact is that this tool is designed with the objective to help advertisers of Google Adwords, but you can use it for keyword research as well. This tool helps you search and find keywords that you need to target and also displays the competition for the keywords you select. Also this tool let you know about the estimated traffic and list for suggesting popular keywords. The tool is absolutely free and user friendly too.

You can also use some alternative paid tools like keyword discovery and Word tracker that are effective too, but Google Ad word tool is the leader among all other tools used for keyword research.

XML sitemap generators

To ensure that all the pages of your website get indexed and crawled, setting sitemaps for your website is necessary. They are automated crawl webs used for Google spiders to know quickly as which pages are in right place and which are the pages recently updated. Sitemaps are also useful for human visitors as sitemaps organize the entire content structure of a website and makes the navigation of a website easier. The XML sitemap generator helps you create ROR and XML sitemaps which you can submit to the Yahoo or Google and other search engines.

SEO Book’s Rank (checker)

To check if you’re SEO campaign is doing good or not, you may need a tool for checking rank in order to measure various fluctuations in rankings of your website. SEO Book’s Rank (checker) or SEO Insight website can help you in checking rank easily. It is a plug in that helps you checks ranks in three popular search engines like yahoo, Google and Bing.

Links are equally important in popularity game of Google. It is like the more number of quality links you have on the back link profile, the higher your business website will rank. That is why you need a good link analysis and research tool with you. Back link watch is a back link checker available online which allows you to check the sites having links to your website page. It also helps you know some data for conducting SEO analysis like anchor text, title of the page linking to your site etc.

SEO Power Suite

It is a kit which is all in one SEO kit that helps you go through all aspects of optimising website. It comprises of set of four SEO tools to carry out SEO tasks.


Compete gives you a wide range of analytical data to choose from. It is tool available online to analyse and monitor online competition. It also allows you to watch the engagement metrics and traffic for a particular website and trace out the sites for link building and affiliating purpose. The tool is also a good keyword analyzer as its enables you to analyse the keywords used by your competitor.

All these tools help you in making your SEO tasks simpler and easier. SEO tools help you save your time and you can devote the time for other SEO tasks. These tools are really helpful when you are working on a SEO campaign for a big company or may be undertaking SEO campaign projects for a couple of companies together.

These tools help you save money as if you are employing people to do various SEO related tasks, you need to pay them and this increases the cost of SEO. So you can keep it simple by using SEO tools. You can make the most of these tools and accelerate the SEO campaign. These tools are available online and you can get a lot of help from these tools. You can try them and SEO how they work for you.