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Go Green and Help Create a Fresh Future for the Generations to Come


99 percent of the environmental problems we are currently facing is our fault. We are the ones who are causing an unsustainable pressure on the environment, depleting natural resources, polluting the soil, underground water and air, and even raising the global temperatures. And all of us share the same responsibility to make a difference. The world will not come to an end when we are gone but if we want the generations to come to inherit an inhabitable planet, we need to start making a difference today because tomorrow will too late.

The effort to make this planet green again and create a fresh future for the generations to come is something that requires an equal participation of everyone regardless of social status, age, gender, nationality and political convictions. The green movement is in interest of every living being on this planet and exceeds all economic, social, cultural and political boundaries. We may have established ourself as the unchallenged ruler of the planet but we cannot survive without nature and much less fight against the nature. And nor we should. We must work with the nature and for the nature if we want it to continue to provide us with everything we need for the very existence. After all, we cannot eat oil can we? But the green movement is not about giving up the comfort of modern lifestyle and technology otherwise you would not be reading these lines. It is about creating a synergy between the modern lifestyle and environmentally friendly living wherever possible because there are things which are simply beyond the reach of an individual. However, every slightest thing that helps reduce the harmful human impact on the environment is helpful. It is more helpful than you could probably imagine.

You do not have to become member of any organization to become a part of the green movement and to actively contribute to the effort to leave the future generations a clean and healthy planet. You are automatically helping make a difference by turning off the lights when not needed, ensuring you car is running well (which will also help your pocket considering recent electricity prices increases), sorting your waste before throwing it away, buying energy efficient appliances, to ensure a longer lifespan, installing solar panels on your roof, insulating your home, choosing organic over conventionally produced foods, Choosing reclaimed solid wooden stools instead of furniture made from newly cut timber, gardening without the use of chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers, taking eco friendly local break in the UK such as beautiful Cornwall, using low flush toilet, collecting rainwater for watering your plants and making sure the teak garden furniture you buy comes from responsible sustainable sources etc. As you see, there are literally countless ways to reduce the human impact on the environment without giving up the comfort of the civilizations. In fact, you are probably already a part of the green movement without even being aware of it because just about everything that helps the environment helps you personally as well in a number of ways. But unfortunately, accepting green lifestyle alone is not enough to change the world because there are still too many people out there who take access to clean water, air and soil for self-granted. In addition to going green yourself, you should therefore encourage other people to do the same.