When should you not use SEO

A lot of businesses from small to medium sized are heading towards SEO. It will be surprising when we talk something out of SEO. Many people read, hear and SEO about the success stories of SEO from friends, business associates and colleagues.

SEO can be a boon for almost every business, but there are some cases where SEO might not help you. You should be able to find out when you cannot use SEO.

Having a Product (Made up)

The whole idea of SEO is to place your WebPages to answer the queries derived from relevant searches. If the service or product you offer is unique, then use of SEO won’t help as no one knows how to search for your service or product. For such unique products or services it is suggested that a campaign related to trade PR along with bloggers reviews, since your products needs more information to be given to get it.

Low Search-Volume

The biggest problem that we identify is with keyword phrases used for company’s services or products are quite low in demand. Well, no one would ever want to accept that the product they are selling is not much in demand. In such cases SEO exposes fragility in product positioning and branding. SEO cannot create any kind of magic for products that has no demand. SEO cannot create demand where there is less demand or none. SEO works best when your product is well-articulated with high benefits for people who are searching on the internet.

No efforts for supporting

SEO is becoming complex with each passing day and the increasing importance of social media also has an impact on SEO. Businesses now need to invest in social media which is ongoing and boost the SEO results. So investing in SEO is not a joke and if you think your business will not get benefit from SEO for example for products that are not in much demand or unique in nature.

Website design is not created for SEO

You can change the layout of your website and it needs additional expenses to change the website layout and prepare it for SEO. For example, the main problem arises when all the services or products are mentioned on a single page. To do a proper SEO, each service or product should have its individual page as unique title tags, meta tags are necessary for onsite SEO. Another problem arises when clients design flashy websites and avoid putting words and text on the website and include mostly pictures. SEO is more about text and content.

Need Immediate Results

As you know SEO takes time to show positive results. Slowly you can SEO the results as it takes time for search engines to index the pages, rank your pages based on its terms. So if you are planning a product launch or even, SEO isn’t going to help you. Rather you can execute PPC campaign for advertising combined with email marketing along with social media to help you.

Sometimes even small businesses having less money cannot afford SEO, so for them if they are looking for immediate results, with less money spent, then SEO cannot work for them. SEO needs both time and money. To SEO the effect of SEO you need time and money.

Some businesses have less time and they have ample of other things to do and no time to focus on SEO, for them SEO won’t work as SEO is a time consuming task. Optimizing web pages, securing links, promoting your products etc., take a lot of time. So if you cannot give time, you won’t get results. So make sure you start with SEO when you have time.

SEO can certainly help almost every business, but you need to understand the concept of SEO yourself and then hire a SEO expert to conduct the entire campaign. Look into what is needed to run SEO campaign. How much it would costs to you. How long it will take to show your positive results.

Ask yourself if you can invest on a monthly basis on SEO. Are you ready to have patience to SEO the results? Are you ready for your brand to get promoted? If you are serious about getting SEO done, try to search for a reliable SEO company and discuss about your business needs with them.

You can plan the entire SEO campaign with your SEO expert to know the time it will take for your business to grow and generate revenues. You can also do a simple research on how SEO can benefit your business and what you need to ask your SEO expert before assigning them SEO job.

Knowing the basics of SEO can help you choose the right SEO service and help your business grow